European Beach Attire: 20 Outfits for Summer 2024

Travelling to various European shorelines taught me one thing: dressing for the beach here is quite the brain-teaser if you’re an outsider. Euro coastlines usually go for a subtler vibe than what you’d spot on sands elsewhere around the globe. Yet, this implies you needn’t ditch fashion to keep it courteous.

Essential Beach Attire for Europe

I’ve learned that dressing appropriately is key to feeling comfortable and confident. Whether you’re lounging in Sicily, exploring Sardinia, or taking a dip in the Amalfi Coast, here are some inspirational outfits for your european beach attire.

20 European Beach Attire Inspirations

1. Longsleeved Knit Dress

Wearing a long-sleeved knit dress is cool in every sense, providing just the right flawless mix of coziness backed up with a chic style. Perfectly to wear with a lovely beach wind.

European Beach Attire Longsleeved Knit Dress
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2. High Waist Shorts

High waist shorts are an absolute summer crush! They are light, playful, going perfectly with rambunctious beach games, brushing with such a chic style.

European Beach Attire High Waist Shorts
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3. Printed Set

What draws me to this printed set is its lighthearted, vibrant energy! The design is spirited, showing off cheerful colors and patterns that just scream ‘beach fun’, cleverly blended with the breeziness for comfort and total beach immersion.

European Beach Attire Printed Set
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4. Denim Mini and Shirt

I’m really loving the denim mini and T-shirt combo, it’s such a classic cool girl look! This outfit is like a lifelong friend to the beach – easy, comfy, and relatable it provides the perfect balance of nonchalant style and functionality for a day of sand and surf.

European Beach Attire Denim Mini and T-Shirt
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5. White Linen Pants

These white linen pants are pure beach elegance! They’re breezy, uber comfy, and just brings that relaxed seaside atmosphere. They’re definitely cool with their lightweight material doing magic against the heated sun and the relaxed fit making it so easy to move around in.

European Beach Attire White Linen Pants
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6. Linen Shorts

These linen shorts, they are just the perfect beach companion! They’ve got this casual yet chic thing and their breezy nature is perfect for a chilled beach day .

European Beach Attire Line Shorts
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7. Crochet Maxi Dress

A crochet maxi dress like this one is such a stunner! It’s gorgeously bohemian, delivering the right amount of whimsy and finesse for a beach day. It’s really cool because it’s breezily open-knit, which means you could actually feel the beach in this outfit. Wear it over a bathing suit or with a sunhat for a boho-chic beach look that’ll make

European Beach Attire Crochet Maxi Dress
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8. Satin Trousers

Their smooth, gorgeus finish and airy silhouette make them ultra chic and comfortable for a beach day. It’s cool how they add a luxe touch to the laid-back beach atmosphere and they flow with your movements, almost as if you’re dancing with the ocean breeze. Totally a glamorous beachwear option.

European Beach Attire Satin Trousers
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9. Linen Dress

This linen dress is simply dreamy for the beach! Its brings a effortlessly chic vibe. The cool part is, it embodies that balance of comfort and style, making it perfect for a warm beach day whether you’re lounging, walking or flirting with the surf.

European Beach Attire Linen Dress
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10. Knotted Maxi Skirt

I’m head over heels for this knotted maxi skirt! It’s ultra-romantic and it sways with every stride, absolutely ideal for a leisurely beach walk. I think it’s cool because this skirt gives off this effortless, earthy vibe that’s synonymous with sun, sea, and sand.

European Beach Attire Knotted Maxi Skirt
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11. Maxi Skirt

The flow of this maxi skirt is just perfect for a beach day! What I love about it is its fluid grace, the way it catches and plays with the sea breezes makes it supremely beachy. It’s also cool how the generous length provides a whimsical touch while offering comfort for a sun-splashed day out.

European Beach Attire Maxi Skirt
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12. Mini Tennis Dress

A mini tennis dress is the absolute perfect beach day treat! I love how its playful silhouette and lightweight fabric make it such a fun, flirty, and breezy option for beach activities.

European Beach Attire Mini Tennis Dress
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13. Oversized Button Up

An oversized button-up like this one is perfect for beachwear! The relaxed, cool-girl vibe it brings, plus its lightweight material makes it perfect for those balmy beach days. One of the coolest things about it is how effortlessly it transitions from a beach cover-up to a stylish outfit for a beachside lunch. It’s that perfect blend of comfort and style.

European Beach Attire Oversized Button Up
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14. Sarong Beach Towel

This sarong beach towel outfit is a beach dream! I love it for its multipurpose use – able to transition from a beach mat to a breezy cover-up. How cool is that, right? With its colorful pattern and the hint of exotic vibes, it’s absolutely perfect for a vibrant, tropical beachday, and also a cool statement of beach style.

European Beach Attire Sarong Beach Towel
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15. Oversized T-Shirt

An oversized T-shirt like this one is pure beach perfection! It’s that ultimate comfort dressing, you know – easy, breezy, fresh – just invites you to live it up under the sun. It’s so cool how it subtly brings that laid-back surfer chic style and also gives you space to move or just chill out.

European Beach Attire Oversized T-Shirt
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16. Maxi Cover Up

This maxi cover-up, it’s a perfect beach partner with ith its airy, flowy silhouette and the ethereal vibe it exudes.

European Beach Attire Maxi Cover Up
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17. Swim Wrap Skirt

This swim wrap skirt is top notch, it’s like a splash of ocean fun embodied in an outfit. I dig its cool, versatile nature – effortlessly shifting from a quick swim to a lazy beach picnic.

European Beach Attire Swim Wrap Skirt
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18. Shirtdress Cover Up

This shirtdress cover-up truly gives you all the beachy feels! It’s versatile and chic, perfect for slipping on after a refreshing swim or for chilling by the shore. What’s cool is how it marries effortless style with practical use.

European Beach Attire Shirtdress Cover Up
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19. Tiered Dress

This tiered dress is like a touch of paradise, its billowy silhouette giving off all the floaty, dreamy beach vibes one could ask for. What I find really cool about it is its capacity to turn an ordinary beach day into a stylish adventure, all while keeping comfort in check.

European Beach Attire Tiered Dress
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20. Jumpsuit

I adore how it blends comfort and style so seamlessly, making it an effortless choice for a blissful day by the sea.

European Beach Attire Jumpsuit
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My Personal Thoughts

I really love the summer time or especially the time at the beach. Just having a good day and having fun with your friends while sunbathing. But you also want to look chic during these days and to bring out the best out of your wardrobe. There are many different ways on how you can style yourself during these days and I hope I could give you some impressions with this guide!

FAQ European Beach Attire

What you need to know about European beach etiquette?

European beach etiquette requires awareness of personal space, respecting nature, and often nudity is more accepted. In some countries, like France, topless sunbathing is common.

What should you not bring to the beach?

Avoid bringing glass containers, single-use plastic items, and loud portable speakers to the beach to keep the beach clean and to respect the other people at the beach.

Which country in Europe has the most beautiful beaches?

Greece is often celebrated for having the most beautiful beaches in Europe, particularly the islands of Santorini, Mykonos, and Crete. But of course there are a lot of other beautiful beaches?

What are your best outfits for European Beach Attire? Let us know in the comments, have a look at our Pinterest and also read some of our other Posts!

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