Editorial Guidelines

Vilavia.com is a website dedicated to showcasing personal tips, expertise and knowledge about the latest European trends. Wether its about fashion, traveling or anything else.

In the following we will explain our principles of how we work. If you think our work has not met these standards, please reach out to us at contact@vilavia.net or fill out our contact form.


If we get new informations about our articles after publishing them, we either update the existing articles directly or will upload fresh one. Every two – three months, we come back to older articles to take a deeper look on them, checking if they’re still relevant, timely, and helpful.

When we have information that isn’t readily available to the public or might paint someone or a group in a less favorable light, we make it a point to reach out for their perspective.

If someone finds potential wrong information in our posts, we don’t just brush it off. We will go back and take our time to do some deeper research and if this person was right, we’re quick to adjust these informations.

In case you are ever in the spotlight in our stories, feel free to share your side of the story if you feel we missed the mark or if you have more insights to add. We’re all ears!

We will always give credit and link back to the original informations. In return, we expect so from other websites and creators as well.


As part of our responsibilities, we collaborate with travel and fashion experts, independent publishers, and various entities. Our interactions involve coordination with creative and public relations professionals, and we consistently maintain a professional demeanor.

In situations while communicating with companies, we commit to upholding our standards of reporting, fairness, analysis, and critique, ensuring that our work remains uninfluenced by the circumstances.

In consideration for the efforts and work of individual stylists and experts, as well as their creations, we avoid addressing such situations in a public forum unless there is a strong editorial justification. This could involve instances where the integrity of our publication is in risk.

Advertising and Commercial Activities

Our advertising operates under the principles of fairness, honesty, and transparency when dealings with advertisers. Because of that, we do not tolerate offensive content in our advertisings. Any inappropriate content is promptly removed, and we encourage everyone to bring any advertisements that may not meet these criteria to our attention.

Occasionally, we include links to retailers (e.g., Amazon) and may earn a commission from resulting purchases. However, it’s important to note that these links do not impact our editorial decisions. They are presented neutrally, conveying information such as, “View the latest price of [this product] from Amazon.”

Niche Link

Vilavia.com is a product of Blum and Steffes NicheLink GbR, which holds and manages a range of brands and websites such as ReslisdenceFlawliz, and Getyourgift.

These ventures function autonomously from our editorial department. When reporting on activities carried out by its parent company, NicheLink, we will consistently make clear its association. The decision to cover such activities is entirely at the discretion of the editors and is never swayed by commercial considerations.

This editorial policy is followed by all NicheLink staff and collaborators.