20+ Men Carnival Outfits: My Favorites for 2024

We’re excited to present our Guide, featuring a selection of more than 20 Men’s Carnival Costumes for the forthcoming German Carnival season.

Besides the “Oktoberfest” Carnival ist probably the second most known public event in Germany which is celebrated every year. The german carnival, which is mostly celebrated in cologne, will start on february 07, 2024 and will end on february 14, 2024.

So lets dive in and get you some inspirations on what to wear for your next men carnival outfits.

What is German Carnival

German Carnival, or “Karneval,” is a spirited and culturally significant celebration that brings communities together in a joyful way. In Germany, it typically kicks off at November 11 and reaches its height in February, culminating on “Rosenmontag” (Rose Monday) and is being celebrated every year since 1823!

This lively tradition takes place all across Germany, with various cities infusing their unique flavors into the festivities. Among the most renowned is the Cologne Carnival, where the streets come alive with vibrant parades, street parties, and colorful costumes.

During German Carnival, the streets are filled with music, dance, and laughter. One of the highlights is the election of a Carnival Prince and Princess, adding a touch of regality to the celebrations. Carnival is for everybody at every age! Both young and old, participate in the festivities, donning elaborate costumes and masks, transforming the streets into a lively and fantastical spectacle

Men Carnival Outfits

#1 Peaky Blinders

An all time classic for the carnival season and my absolute favorite for men carnival outfits is to dress like the peaky blinders. If you are wearing this you will definitely stand out and you will take some eyes on you.

Men Carnival Outfits Peaky Blinders
by Pinterest

#2 James Bond

If you want to get dressed classy with a nice suit I can also recommend you to act like James Bond. To create perfect men carnival outfits I would recommend you to wear a black or a navy suit with black sunglasses and black leather gloves.

Men Carnival Outfits james bond
by Pinterest

#3 Michael Jackson

Just beat it. I think that I don’t have to say much about this one. Michael Jackson still is an absolute legend and therefore the outfit is always a good choice for men carnival outfits.

Men Carnival Outfits michael jackson
by Pinterest

#4 Breaking Bad

Another good outfit which I’ve seen a couple times at the last carnival in cologne was to dress like walter or jesse from Breaking Bad. You can either dress yourself with a yellow gas suit, like seen on the picture, or just wearing their “normal” clothes.

Men Carnival Outfits Breaking Bad
by Pinterest

#5 Mario Kart

Wether you dress like Mario, Luigi, Wario or somebody else. Mario Kart is always a good choice to have a perfect dress for men carnival outfits. I would recommend you to go as someone else instead of mario because a lot of people will dress like mario and I guess you want to be special. So better choose someone like Yoshi, Wario, Bowser and co..

Men Carnival Outfits Mario and Luigi from Mario Kart
by Pinterest

#6 Hangover

Hangover is also very known in Germany. And Hangover also is a good motto for German Carnival. Because with that you can also have some long party nights like they had in their movies.

Men Carnival Outfits Hangover
by Pinterest

#7 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

One of my most favorite movies when I was a child – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Seeing these outfits brings me back some childhood vibes so I absolutely like this outfit!

Men Carnival Outfits charlie and the chocolate factory
by Pinterest

#8 Astronaut

A loot of young guys one day dream about being an astronaut. So let your dreams come true. Dress up as an astronaut in this stellar men’s outfit. Complete with a realistic spacesuit, helmet, and NASA badge, you’ll be the star of the day.

Men Carnival Outfits astronaut
by Pinterest

#9 Prisoner

Prisoner outfits are always a good choice to go with on carnival. Weither its the new orange or a old black and white prisoner look. If possible then also use a black hat to match your outfit.

Men Carnival Outfits Prisoner
by Pinterest

#10 Pirate

Dressing up as a pirate for men carnival outfits also is a good choice because you can combine that with a lot of different clothes and create your very own pirate style. You can also use some hats, gloves or necklaces to bring in some highlights.

Men Carnival Outfits pirate
by Pinterest

#11 Chef / Ratatouille

If you want to dress up as a chef you also have some different options to go with. You can either wear a white or a black outfit. But a white one will be more accurate and more people will recognize it on the first view.

Men Carnival Outfits Chef cook
by Pinterest

#12 Firefighter

Dressing up as a firefighter also is a pretty classic but still a good choice. Also here you have the possibility to chose from a lot of different variations and create your very own firefighter look.

Men Carnival Outfits Firefighter
by Pinterest

#13 Cowboy

If you don’t just want to dress up “somehow”, but also want people to look at you, you might want to go as a cowboy. Going as a Cowboy can be a good choice and its possible to also look very good and even attractive!

Men Carnival Outfits Cowboy
by Pinterest

#14 Monopoly

One outfit which I had to laugh about and which I haven’t ever seen before during carnival is to dress like the figures from Monopoly. The outfit looks even better with some monopoly money!

Men Carnival Outfits Monopoly
by Pinterest

#15 Greek God

If you want to dress majestic then it might be a good option to dress up like a greek god. I would recommend you to use light blue or gold colors to attatch small highlights to your men carnival outfits.

Men Carnival Outfits Greek God
by Pinterest

#16 Oktoberfest

If you just want to combine both big german events you can just wear yout Oktoberfest Outfit. This also is a good option because you just have to buy one outfit but can visit both events.

Men Carnival Outfits Oktoberfest
by Pinterest

#17 Italian Mafia

Italian Mafia also can be a good way to combine the class and the crime within one outfit. Wether its a whole suit, just some nice black chino with a shirt and a hat or something else. There is a lot of room to create a very good looking outfit.

Men Carnival Outfits Italian Mafia
by Pinterest

#18 Spiderman

Another favorite which is seen often during the carnival season is to dress up as Spiderman. An Amazon you will find some very good different options to buy a whole outfit for.

Men Carnival Outfits Spiderman
by Pinterest

#19 Superman

Another good action movie outfit, which is as common as Spiderman is the Superman outfit. There are also plenty of different outfits which you can buy directly on Amazon.

Men Carnival Outfits Superman
by Pinterest

#20 Forrest Gump

This might be my next men carnival outfit for this year! I really like the movie and so I have watched it by far more than once. When I first saw this outfit on Pinterest it straight came up in my mind to also dress like this in 2024!

Men Carnival Outfits Forrest Gump
by Pinterest

#21 Russel (From the Movie UP)

If you have seen the Movie UP then you will definitely this young mans outfit. Nice outfit with nice bright colors.

Men Carnival Outfits Russel Movie UP
by Pinterest

#22 Popeye

Popeye will help you to create a strong outfit! When I was a child I often watched Popeye and just because oh him I tried spinach for the first time. 🙂 So dressing up as Popeye will also help you to look strong and heavy!

Men Carnival Outfits Popeye
by Pinterest

#22 Elvis Presley

And last but not least Elvis I have got an outfit from Elvis Presley for you. This one will never get old and every year you will see a lot of people being dressed like him.

Men Carnival Outfits Elvis
by Pinterest

My Personal Tips

As you can see, there a a lot of different outftis which you can wear in a lot of different combinations. I would recommend you just to think about some movies or cartoons you like and then to dress up like one of those characters and also dont forget to bring in your own personal style.

And also don’t forget to wear some warm clothes under your costume because in february it still might be very cold in Germany!


Do I have to wear a costume?

No, of course you don’t! But I will guarantee you that it will make much more fun if you do so. You often see some people who don’t wear costumes but the most people will wear one.

Is cologne the only City were carnival is celebrated?

No, cologne isn’t the only City but it’s the one I would recommend you to visit during carnival because ist the one were most of the national and international people to.

When should I book my Hotel?

That depends on what kind of Hotel you are looking for and with how many people you are planning to go there. I would recommend you to book all of your connections and the hotel room as soon as possible because otherwise they will charge higher prices and you won’t get the best rooms.

I really love the German Carnival season because it brings back some very good vibes and a lot of fun seeing all your friends being dressed up in different costumes.

What are your best Inspirations for Men Carnival Outfits? Let us know in the comments, have a look at our Pinterest and also read some of our other Posts!

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